My superpower is my commitment to bettering myself because in the process I better others.  Welcome to myspace, take a look around, get to know me and my process; open your mind to the freedom in self discovery.  

Image: Darkred Photography

Image: Darkred Photography

I wonder do people think I am crazy when I say I started writing at 5. I don't  know if it sounds strange to hear but it sure does sound strange to share. Especially since I am comparing it to my son who is obsessed with being a ninja. Yes, I know we are completely different human beings but man what a difference.

I feel like I experienced death early, my neighbor's grandmother died when I was about 5. I remember playing with my neighbor or at least wanting to.  She was much older than me.  She did everything before me, so I guess I kind of looked up to her.  I used to go over to her house and see what she was up to with her almost grown self, then one day the flower appeared on the front porch and my grandmother told me the news.  I don't remember how I felt, I just know I was moved to write.  I was 5, it wasn't like I could buy her anything.  So I gave her what I knew how to, a poem.  It would be so dope if I could recite it, right?  Oh please, I was 5.  I can't remember it, what I do remember is receiving praise for having wrote it.  So, I continued to write.

I dreamed so vividly as a child and it seemed the dreams I could remember were always about death or loss in general.  At 6 I had one of the scariest dream I've ever had, I actually still remember it.  I told my great-grandmother the dream.  I don't recall her response, I just remember coming home from school and seeing an uncle on the porch I didn't see often.  He gave me the news, my great-grandmother had passed.  Now add these two deaths to the fact that I was born into a family who had suffered a great loss a few years before I was born, I guess it would make sense why I grew obsessed with it.  I continued to write.

I used to fill page after page.  I am pretty sure that if I still had any of those notebooks it would hold some pretty interesting thoughts. Throughout elementary school that was my saving grace, but as I got older, my need to write seemed to diminish.  It was either that or writing wasn't cool and being cool was all the rage.  I am not exactly sure which.  It wasn't until I felt the need to deal with some deeply buried issues that I picked up my pen again. After a few years of getting back into practice I released my first published work, My Hearts Content.  It was one of the scariest things I had ever done, writing down my feelings then sharing them.  It was a big deal for me.  Ironically, its release was the same year that my grandmother passed.

After its release I received requests for Volume II.  Those requests made me feel awesome but they also scared me.  I expected the release of this volume to cure everything I had every dealt with, all of the emotions that I buried deep, I expected to suddenly vanish once I released this book into the world.  All of the hurt associated with losing one of the pillars of my family was supposed to dissipate with its release.  Surprise, Surprise.  That did not happen, not even close.

I took a break from writing to focus on other things, but the way my passion is set up.  I found my way back and go figure that all of my writing is centered on getting over things and healing.  In the midst of finding my groove, I discovered my superpower:  my commitment to bettering myself, because in the process I better others.  So, here I am focused on finding my peace so that I can lead you to yours.