Discovery is a lifelong journey that starts with a single step.


Step one

Identify the areas of your life you would like to improve. 

A lot of time we get comfortable complaining with no real intentions on improving.  The reality is, that mentality is counterproductive.  If you really want to see a change in your life, you will have to do the work.  Make a list of the areas you would like to improve and set a timeline for doing so.

Step two

Identify your fears.

If you’re still reading, chances are you want to know how to find your happy. Your happy is on other side of your fears.  Identify what those areas are and work to overcome them.  I don’t necessarily subscribe to the thought that fears aren’t real; they are as real as your mind tells you they are.  Frankly, it isn’t always an easy task to get over them.  It takes work.

Step three

Identify what gives you that happy feeling. 

When talking with people about their happy place, I always tell them it’s already inside you.  You just have to be still and listen.  Align your thoughts with what makes you happy, then align your actions.


Step four

Embrace your now, be present.  

There are so many lessons in what’s happening to you today.  There are so many reasons to be thankful today.  There is so much good in today.  I don’t want you to get so caught up in tomorrow or 6 months from now that you neglect to be grateful.  One of the main contributors to my unhappiness was my insatiable appetite.  I was always looking forward to some point in time that was not today, that wasn’t even close to today and even if I closed my eyes it bared no resemblance to today.  I’m sure with that description you can see why I was unhappy.  I was tying how I felt today to some point in the future that would take some serious time to reach.  This, my friends, ain’t it.  It will put you in all kinds of funks and nobody has time for that. Embrace your now, live in it, love in it, create your happy in it.

Image: Darkred Photography

Image: Darkred Photography