I received a message this morning regarding the engagement of a friend and while I celebrated her good news I couldn’t help but think of how she got there. The word that immediately came to mind was expectancy. This friend, we will call her Praying Patty, had put her expectations of her husband into the atmosphere. She had talks with Jesus and told him all about her troubles…which really weren’t troubles, those were just lyrics…stay with me. Not only did she put it into the atmosphere she cultivated her relationship with God and herself to ensure she was ready to handle what she expected was coming her way. Now, just because she prayed and expected didn’t mean she would get it when she wanted it. It just meant that she wouldn’t be satisfied until God delivered. And so it was…for sake of time we are going to skip all of the unexpected, just know that it was there. The moral to Praying Patty’s story was that she expected a husband that would be strong in his faith, knowing God first for himself and then to teach his wife and guess what, she received it.

After hearing the great news, I was full. Like overflowing full to the point of tears. Every Wednesday morning is chill for me. I don’t have any classes to teach, so I usually use this time to catch up on life. Whatever that may be, today it was podcasts. A few months back I came across Side Hustle Pro, a pretty cool podcast about women breaking into entrepreneurship. This particular episode featured Christina Brown, of Love Brown Sugar. She talked about her blog, how she got started and how she grew it to the point of making money. The interview was good, I mean real good. Check it out for yourself. Guess what she mentioned? Believing and having faith in what you can accomplish. Now, wait a minute. I got a call this morning which brought “expectancy” to mind and now this blogger, who is in the new Dove commercial by the way, just put a stamp of approval on my epiphany and she ain’t een know it.

As if these two encounters weren’t enough, I then receive a call from my guy friend. We will call him Rippin Ronnie. I am his relationship counselor. I didn’t go to school for it but I’m pretty darn good…let me focus. So Rippin Ronnie calls and like always we discuss his woman. Well his would be woman if she didn’t allow herself to be intimidated by him. This young lady is beautiful and has a lot of potential. All positives, right. Well she’s surrounded by negative people, from her family to her friends. All of whom encourage her to make decisions that propel her backwards. Poor girl, she’s come to expect heartache, pain and disappointment and her way of thinking is destroying her relationship. I wonder what would happen if she changed her way of thinking. If for every negative expectancy, a positive one was put in its place. Actually, I know what would happen: success, at least from her perspective.

All too often we set goals for ourselves and fail to reach them because of our thinking. We don’t expect to win. This can be related to business, relationships, even weight loss. If you expect to lose then guess what, you will. The message for today is “expect success in all things.”

Do you expect success or could your expectancy use some work?