The 5 Facts of my Life

I think it should be required of us to identify the facts of our lives.  We should ask ourselves, what makes me me? I’m doing that today, the perfect day to do so might I add. Good ol’ Valentine’s Day, I am pretty fortunate to feel the love all year round. However, I can admit that I don’t always take the time to self love. I’m so busy pouring into others I forget to pour into myself. So allow me to runneth over my cup for a moment:

  1. I am a complex simple person. I love poetry and jazz music while riding ATVs over bumpy roads. Fashion excites me but most often you will find me in gym clothes. I don’t like to argue but I love to debate. I like fishing but I don’t want to bait the hook. I am the polar opposite of myself, pretty much every day all day. There’s was a time in my life where I felt I had to choose; I had to be this or that almost like being dynamical wasn’t allowed. I am so glad I have gotten over that assumption. I can be just who I am, no matter how many layers and pages that ends up being.
  2. I am a legit baby alive. It makes perfect sense that I owned that doll as a child. I am a crier. Put me in front of a screen that is the least bit touching and boom, waterworks. Tell me a story and start to cry yourself, pow faucet. Share a touching story via social media and kapowy, rain down on me. I have no idea why I am this way, I’ve been sensitive since I was a kid. Most times I try to hide it. I’ll cover my face or turn my head but people who know me know oh she crying. One of my best friends told me they read that people who cry during movies or over other people’s situations are actually strong. I gave them the serious side eye but then I googled online and there is actually a few articles confirming thoughts on this. The logic behind it is you’re so strong that you’re able to put yourself in others shoes and feel what they feel. With that awesome confirmation, I’m feeling pretty good about my second fact of life. I don’t cry because im weak, I cry because I’m just that strong. <drops mic>
  3. I have a wild imagination. I think this can be expected considering I am a creative. Although I have brothers there’s an age gap so I grew up almost like an only child. My childhood was filled with made up games. The things I recall doing most often were writing and pretending I was a preacher or a teacher. I remember playing alone, having my teddy bears and baby dolls seated in all the chairs in the living room and standing before them. You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t prepared to lead somebody somewhere. I would have conversations with them, and I am pretty sure most kids had similar memories. Between these made up playventures and my obsession with movies, I found myself writing. Often times about subjects far beyond what someone my age should comprehend. I attribute my subject matter of love and loss to my imagination. I am careful to not stifle my son during his playventures, when he’s having those conversations and no one is around because what others may view as “crazy” may very well be the beginning of innovation. I embrace my imagination, even now. Sometimes it can work against me as I can be imaginative during times when it’s not in anyone’s best interest <insert side eye> but I embrace it nonetheless because it is my bread and butter AND it’s okay to be a little crazy. 
  4. I am multi-talented. I discovered this while I was working as an accounting supervisor and I published my first book one year and launch a business the next. This kinda goes back to me being dynamical and having all of these layers but bare with me there is some difference. In the past 4 years I have learned that I can build an audience, I can publish a book, I can start a business, I can make bow ties, I can sell myself, I can sew clothes, I can coach others how to lose weight, I can instruct fitness classes, I can help people launch their business, I can share my journey so those that come behind me are better than me. See, multi-talented and my talents aren’t  just artsy. I am pretty darn good at math and accounting. The downside to being being multi-talented is I suffer from attention deficit disorder. This hasn’t been diagnosed, but I am being transparent about how I can flip flop between my talents. This is a fact of my life, I am a flip flopper. I accept that but I am also taking the necessary steps to sharpen my skills. I don’t want to be a little good at a lot, I’d rather be phenomenal in all. Lol you thought I’d say a little, nah boo. God didn’t give me talents for me to let them die inside me. Next Valentine’s Day I want to be able to tell you that I’ve mastered a few of these talents. Obviously, learning is lifelong but I want to be considered among the experts. Feel me? 
  5. I am passion-driven. I am passion filled. I am passionate. If you ever talk to me about something I’m doing, the previous statements will make so much sense. I am passionate about my sons education. I am passionate about my goals. I am passionate about drinking water. I am passionate about people pooping consistently. I am passionate about health and wellness. I am passionate about people living in a place of excellence. I am passionate about my people. I am even passionate about that 1 pickup basketball game I played where I won. One of the most awesome experiences in my life. It deserves a post of its very own. I am just a passionate person. My passion used to cloud my judgment. I used to expect people to feel the same as me, to go as hard as me, then I had to realize that won’t be the case. No one will ever be as passionate as me about the things that I am passionate about, lol. That’s just a hard fact. Once I accepted that my passion is mine alone and that I can’t hold anyone responsible to feel how I feel, the heavens opened and the angels sang.

Man, that felt good. I hope that you will take a second today to not only Love on others but to also Love on yourself. Make a list of your hard facts, accept them and love them. I bet you will discover several reasons to love yourself harder.

Laneshia Lamb