Why is she here Ike?

If you aren’t familiar with the title of this post, shame on you and if you are…#fistbump. One of my all time favorite movies is “What’s love Got to do with it?”  Which by my standards is one of the greatest biopics of all time.  For those of you who are either unfamiliar with the movie or with the scene, allow me to paint the picture.  Not too long after Ike met Tina, they began recording.  One night after rehearsal which appeared to have run late, Tina stayed behind while all the other band members left.  She and Ike shared a moment on the piano that Tina thought would end with a kiss, but actually ended with Ike telling her she needed to see a dentist.  The scene cuts to her sleeping in the bed.  Ike told her it was too late to travel home so she stayed over.  His wife, at the time, was also in the house and based on her drunken demeanor during the rehearsal she was in her feelings about the bond that Tina and Ike shared.  Moments into Tina’s sleep his wife burst into the room with her arm outstretched, holding a gun.  She aimed it at Tina as she cowered in the bed, covering herself with the sheets.  A few moments pass, words exchange and the wife exits the room just after exclaiming, “you aint even worth the bullet.”  Behind her she closes the door and viewers are left to assume she is going to get herself together, until the gun shot sounds.  Tina jumps from her bed and runs toward the sound.  Ike’s wife shot herself. The next few moments are chaos filled as everyone wakes to the commotion and jumps to her aid, calling the ambulance.  As his wife is loaded into the back of the van she wails, “why is she here, Ike…why is she here?”

Did I mention how much I love this movie?

When his wife asked this question, she was overcome with emotion.  She saw what was happening in front of her eyes and I am sure she felt it was out of her control, and she wanted answers.  I am sure a lot of us feel this way (or perhaps have at some point) about our own lives.  Not necessarily the entirety of this scene (at least I hope not) but the strong desire to know why we are here.  Wherever here may be for us.  It could be a job, it could be a relationship, it could be an all inclusive question regarding your place in life.  No matter the here, sometimes we just want to know why.

In starting “Getting my ish SEW together,” I wanted to take control of my why while defining my here.  I wanted my here to be writing, I wanted my here to be designing, I wanted my here to be influencing.  My why is people.  The intricacies of my why is constantly evolving but once I realized what it was, I felt I could control what I did with it.  My days feel a little more purposeful and that’s not simply because I understand my why or my here, it is because I Shoot my Shot, B.

Allow me to go into character for a moment….”Why are you here?”

If your here is not food to your soul, if your here isn’t propelling you into a blissful existence, if your here isn’t at the very least a baby step into your destiny then why are you there?  I don’t want this post to become cliche nor do I want it to oversimplify transition, what I do want is for you to ask yourself an honest question.  If the answer does not excite you, make you nervous with anticipation, if it doesn’t scare you because its so audacious,  you might as well load yourself into the back of that ambulance.

For those of us who are purpose driven, its hard to sit still when we know we should be doing more.  Sometimes its hard to sleep at night because the idea wheel won’t stop turning.  Don’t sit on your hands, it will only frustrate you more to recognize your why and not carry it out.  It will only cause less sleep if you know where your here should be yet you make no attempt to get there.  It is my belief that we all can flourish in our own way. So, FLOURISH!

Today’s message:  “if here aint hitting, go somewhere else.”

Laneshia Lamb