Constant Evolution

Image Source: Making Anthropology Public

This post comes to me so randomly. I was in the middle of watching youtube videos and it hit me, Laneshia, you need to write this. So, here I am...writing THIS!

As I look back over my life, I am pretty sure that nothing has happened that I planned. The joys of living right? And, even with the tremendous amount of volatility, I wouldn't change a thing.

Nothing. Hmm, I didn't even see that response coming.

Focusing specifically on this side of 30, man, the things I've seen. I went from making one of the biggest and most scariest decisions of my life, leaving my J-O-B, to creating 3 businesses. I have to laugh at myself, at how incredibly "lost" I was in the most pro-found way. I always knew that I would work for myself; I had a hustler's spirit, period. I just didn't really know how I would get there. I remember sitting in my office filling sticky note after sticky note with ideas. And, they were good too.

And somehow, in the most random way...ever, I found myself upon the first business, sewing. I was decent, I had some incredible supporters which made all the difference. I got the chance to create for weddings, vowel renewals, and school organizations. And, that was just the bowties. That's not even including the show I produced myself, the trips to Atlanta, Charlotte, and my favorite trip of all, New York. All of that because I was chasing dreams and people were responding favorably. In the midst of that wonder the second business was born: health and wellness.

I was on my own weight loss journey and for the first time, things were going well. I had managed to lose some lbs, get licensed to instruct Zumba, get recruited to work at a gym, and get sought out for my advice. This experience turned into so many opportunities, I went from my own journey to helping people with theirs, to managing fitness facilities and even opening one. Things were going extremely well, actually they were going aite. I was on a high from the impact I was having in people's lives and I completely ignored blatant red signs that I was putting myself in a (insert explicative) situation.

If you know me, then you know what happened. All my hard work blew up in my face, and man was I angry. But I had to realize it all apart of God's plan. See, when I left my comfy J-O-B with the office and the big window, I did so to work on my own, to create my own way. Yet, somehow I managed to put myself in a situation where I was repeating history: I was pouring myself into someone else's dream. BIG MISTAKE!

When the dust settled and I picked my face up, my self-esteem up, my weight up (sadly), my life up, I realized the error of my ways and begin to pour into myself. I won't lie and say I am over it, because I'm not. But, I am better because of it. Since then, business #3 has birthed itself and bloomed.

I've always been a writer, now I do so for a living and I couldn't be happier. And, since making the decision to pour into Laneshia, doors have been opening. Clients have been rolling in, bills have been getting paid, and I think about the mistakes I made less and less. In a short period of time I've become an editor and writing mentor for Permission to Write, a literary journal created to amplify the voices of writers of color. I've contributed to sites like From the Heart Counseling and The Single Wives Club. I've launched Adell & Co. and in the process started designing websites, been labeled Squarepace Circle Member of the Month, and I am about 45 days from completing a ghostwriting project that I am super excited about. Not to mention, I've garnered some pretty awesome testimonials along the way. 

It just goes to show that when you tap into your passions, doors will open and when you're doing something against God, they will close.

Evolution is constant and its necessary. I am beyond thankful for the lessons I've been taught because they've made me who I am and are working to shape me into who I will be.

I've recently decided to take another huge step....locing my hair. And, as much as I've said that it has nothing to do with going on some spiritual journey, I am finding that, that might not be entirely true. Because the truth is, the freedom I am able to exist in with my hair (and life overall) is a result of the leap of faith I took over two years ago when I put in my two weeks notice. I realize the limitations that existed for me then and I see the possibilities that are in front of me now. And, not just with my hair, but with my income, with the examples I set for my son, with the freedom I have to say no, or yes....My journey to loc my hair represents everything that my younger self thought I needed, that my older self AND GOD made clear that I don't.

The rEvolution will be televised. Feel free to follow my journey: