Have you ever thought so much you made your head hurt? Do you make a habit of second guessing decisions? Do you create things and situations that may not even be there? Do you process and reprocess things looking for error?  If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions you are an over thinker. As cool as it may sound to be analytical, it can work against you. You end up turning perfectly good things into chaos.

I am often times guilty of this. I think so much that I dream pretty much every night and in most cases my dreams reflect something I was thinking of that day or right before bed. I find myself trying to dissect my dreams. Picture that, thinking so much that you dream about thinking only to wake to think about your dream. What a circle of confusion.

Since deciding that I would commit myself to blogging for 21 days straight, it seems that topics that relate to me just appear. Today, I’m scrolling and I see the phrase: “over thinking is much like over blinking, you miss what’s in front of you.” Wow! Could it be anymore profound, epiphanous even.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have to make a conscious effort to be present. Obviously, my body is here but my mind could literally be miles away. I don’t even want to know how much of my “now” I’ve missed out on because I was thinking about something that either couldn’t be changed at all or couldn’t changed in that moment. I’m taking a stand, in Getting my ish SEW together I will not over think. Some of the best moments are happening right before our eyes…if we could stop blinking long enough to enjoy them.

Today’s message: keep your eyes open as long as you can. Take in every single moment that you can. Breathe every single breath you can. Whatever is weighing heavy on your mind could, quite possibly, wait.

Are you over blinking? Or are you seizing the day with your presence?

Laneshia LambComment