Shoot your shot, B!

During high school I was involved in cheerleading and track. Basketball seemed cool, but I never played. I looked on as my classmates gave it what we perceived as their all every game night.  As I look back on it, I viewed it as too challenging. There were some skills that I already had, like shooting, and others that would need to be learned, like dribbling and the concept of running plays. I assumed I would be trash so my high school career continued with me in my comfort zone.

I went on to college and it seemed I applied the same mindset. When I initially chose my major, it was Biology. I took advanced sciences in high school and I had fallen in love with anatomy, so I assumed this would be a breeze. Imagine my surprise when I got my first C.<insert eye roll here> I immediately changed my major. Who comes to college to work hard right? Not me, apparently. I wanted to coast through in my “comfort zone.” As a result I graduated with a degree in Finance.  Throughout my 4 years I had several moments where I asked myself, am I making the right decision for the right reasons. Time continued to tick away as it does so well and then I felt obligated to finish what I started no matter how unLaneshia it seemed.

Even after I left college I was still kicking myself for being a comfort zone junkie. And, even though I experienced some success in the form of upward movement in corporate America I didn’t try out for that basketball team until I quit my job. It wasn’t until I made the decision to walk away from the benefits, the office with the window, the staff, the responsibilities, that I realized, “I have to shoot my shot, b.” I could no longer play it safe. I need to jump into some unfamiliar waters and see what life has to offer. And, let me tell you. I’ve never been broker in all my life. I’ve also never felt so challenged, I’ve never felt so fulfilled, so free to create the life I wanted to live. All those years I thought my comfort zone would bring me happiness, because it came so easy to me. I realized I find my happiness in the challenges I face everyday.

Today’s message, “Shoot your shot, B!” Whatever that is for you and your life, shoot it. If you miss pick that ball up and shoot again. True success isn’t found in comfort zones. It is found in the blood, sweat and tears of your challenges.

Are you shooting or are you watching from the bleachers?

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